PARKBENCH LONDON. Interior design, branding & advertising.

On the Bench

The bench is a good place to think. It can be an inspirational place. It’s a place where ideas are born and where people who need ideas can come and meet them. Ideas for brands, businesses, spaces and products.

You’ll meet lots of like-minded people at the Parkbench. Designers, artists, entrepreneurs, upholsterers, illustrators, crafty folk and architects. Some people bring ideas. Some need ideas. Some have no idea, not that we’d ever admit it.

We have designed logos, stationery, living rooms, childrens rooms, ad agencies, barbers, a penthouse, cafes and clubs. We’ve designed shops, we have curated art collections, we have sourced unique vintage artefacts.

We’ve created award winning gastro-pubs all over London. We have also helped launch venues from brick and dust to the menu design.

In fact we have been so busy, we’ve hardly had time to sit down.